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欄目:公司新聞 發布時間:2022-03-14 作者: Vivi Xu 來源: GROUP NEWS
Congratulation SEMITRON Team is awarded as C&K 2021 Best New Distributor Award.

SEMITRON had achieved Outstanding performance in 2021 for C&K when compare to other new distributor.

C&K Best New Distributor Award recipients are evaluated and selected based on criteria in multiple categories
such as NBO activity, collaboration with C&K sales team, new product promotion & etc.

2022 is a New Year, is a new Start! SEMITRON will continue to dig out and penetrate multiful industry customers,
keep do DESIGN-IN from customers' R&D with C&K new products, to win more and more projects and customers,
to get the real requirment including products and solution from market,  to promote C&K brand and enhance the satisfaction to the Market.
Beside Chengdu, Zhongshan, SEMITRON had decide to set up Wuhan office within Q2 to enhence and expand customer development.

SEMITRON is Ready!
We believe SEMITRON will do better and make big progress in 2022 and in the future! Let C&K and SEMITRON together,
WIN 2022!

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